Before your decision of buying a house, things you should know about the suburb

When you decide to buy or rent a house in a new place which you are not familier, one thing you should not ignore is that you should know if the suburb you are going to is suitable for you. It’s so important since I have seen many people regreted for their decision. For instance, some suburbs are very noisy and some are not safe, the criminal rate is quite high. Each big city of Australia has hundreds of suburb, it’s obvious that nobody knows everyone clearly.

Therefore, you should prepare some information before your decision. Sometimes we get information from friends or colleagues, but if what they tell you is correct? There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes, you should get everything in hand.

I used the Internet to get what I need. I googled targeting suburbs, then I knew how people live in those places look at them. Besides, there are websites provide rarting of suburbs, such as, although it’s a Chinese website, I asked one of my Chinese friends translated it. It’s really useful, the criteria is clear and the rating is objective, it helped me making a right descision.

Buying a house is such an important thing that all of us should be serious and canny.

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