LED Light Drawbacks

LED high bay lighting

We are well aware that the LED high bay light is considered to be a revolution in the industry and help us save power and money but nothing in this world is perfect. With the wide range of benefits, the LED high bay lighting is providing us there are also several drawbacks that make us think whether they are a good source of lighting or not.

LED high bay is used in several areas of life nowadays but with the disadvantages, people are reconsidering their thoughts of using them. Thus, the manufacturers of high bay LED lighting are trying their level best to enhance the performance of these lights. They are working to improve the performance and efficiency of LED high bay light chain to such extent that the disadvantages are minimized.


The LED high bay light comes with the following drawbacks:

  • Price:

The most shocking drawback of the LED high bay is that it is more expensive than many another source of light and thus it might misbalance your budget while purchasing it.  The LED light is more costly because of the energy source it requires and its installation is expensive. So think wisely before buying them.

  • Temperature dependent:

The LED high bay light china is temperature dependant and that is a major drawback. They cannot work properly in the high temperature because they might be damaged in the more heat. In the same way, they do not produce enough heat due to which in the snow conditions they are not able to remove the snow fallen on them which might create many problems.

  • Sensitive to voltage:

The LED is manufactured with such technology that you have to supply it with the current that is below its current rate and a voltage that exceeds the threshold level. Thus, you must have many resistors and a proper current supply for the LED to work properly and efficiently.

  • Quality of light:

We are aware that the LED produces spectra of range 460 nm to 500 nm that is enough for perfect brightness and the light produce has a cooling effect. However, often flicker and an improper power supply reduces the efficiency of the LED that leads to a lower light quality that might interfere with the work you are trying to accomplish.

With all the above-given drawbacks, you might be wondering that whether you should consider using LED or not. Nevertheless, if we compare LED is yet a better source of lighting then sources.

The manufacturers of LED are trying all in their might to reduce the drawbacks of the LED so that it will turn into a perfect source of light and yet the work is being done. With the many improvements yet made have enhanced the quality of Led many more enhancements are yet to come.

So we should be patience and wait for the LED developers to minimize their disadvantages and till then we should accept them with the drawbacks they have.

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