eBay vs Amazon, A Seller’s Opinion

As an experienced seller on Amazon on eBay, I have noticed definite differences between the two.

First of all, eBay runs on a bidding system, an online auction if you may. To me, this is a gamble and you really never know if many people are going to bid on your item or if nobody is going to bid on it. Amazon is a fixed price system, I like that because you can list an item for one set price and if someone decides to buy it, you’ll know exactly the compensation you’ll receive and when you’ll receive it.

Another difference is the feedback; Amazon users tend to leave more cultural comments, where eBay’s customers seem to leave more simple reviews, if not much meaner ones. Also, Amazon has pretty much stayed the same throughout its career. eBay has made many changes to its layout and the way things work around there. One of these changes is the feedback fees, something that Amazon doesn’t have; why pay a bonus fee for leaving your honest opinion? The seller should know how they are doing for free, for future sales, it is very important to know.

One thing I do like about eBay, however, is the buy now button. You can sell your item right away for a higher fee, which I have had happen to me only a couple times. It’s a great system because it is set on a fixed price system like Amazon and you will know your compensation almost immediately. Also, with eBay, I believe that you have more power over what the shipping fees will be than with Amazon. It’s important as a seller to distribute sold items correctly and cost efficiently. Amazon is better for people who are in situations where they need to sell the item as soon as possible, and eBay is more time flexible because auctions can last as long as you need them to. There is one feature to use the 60 day listing period with no fee. This can be useful over time, but chances are, there are multiple items in front of yours waiting to be sold. The listing time for eBay is 7-10 days but there is a much better chance of your item being seen by more users who purchase from eBay than the ones who purchase from Amazon?

The last thing is that both eBay and Amazon support third party softwares like listing software, orders & customers management software and so far, but I found the amount and quality of softwares for eBay is much better than those for Amazon.

Overall, which is better for you to sell from? Well, that’s all up to you.

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