Outdoor Garden Decoration: Simulation Resin Mushrooms

Simulation Resin Mushroom

Brand: Culaa

Year of Production: 2015

Material: Resin

Size: From 37cm – 92cm (different size, different price)

Color Selection: Color

Unit Price: From RMB 168 – 950, equals to USD $26 – $150

Net Weight: from 4kg – 20kg

Introduction: The product is made of resin magnesium oxide after a dozen processes, it works fine, in the outdoor long-term placement can still keep bright colors, makes your garden vivid..

Purchase Address: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=520504499734


Simulation Resin Mushroom 01

Simulation Resin Mushroom 02

Simulation Resin Mushroom

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