SketchUp: 3D for Everyone

Weather your are a professional mome improvement designer or an amateur, good softwares are necessary.



Sketchup is a design tool that directly faces the design process, it makes designers be able to create a very intuitive idea on the computer. It can not only express the designers’ ideas fully, but also make communication more smoothly with customers in real time. “3D for Everyone”  is their slogan.


  1. It has unique and simple interface can let designers master in a short term.
  2. It has wide range of application, can be used in the construction, planning, landscape, landscape, interior and industrial design and other fields.
  3. It has convenient push-pull function, designers can easily generate 3D geometry without complicated modeling.
  4. It can rapid generate any location of the profile, so that designers can clearly understand the internal structure of the building, it also can generate a two-dimensional profile and quickly export to AutoCAD for processing.
  5. It can be used with AutoCAD, Revit, 3DMAX, PIRANESI and other softwares, fast import and export DWG, DXF, JPG, 3DS format files, so that reach the realize the scheme, at the same time it provides plug-ins for AutoCAD and ArchiCad.
  6. It comes with a large number of models of doors, windows, columns, furniture and other building texture component library and material library to sideline.
  7. Designers can be easy to make the video demonstrate with the its function.
  8. It can accurate location the shadow and sunshine, designers can analysis the real-time shadow and sunshine based on the location of the building.

You can download Sketchup and a lot of designed blueprints by:

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